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Preventative Dental Care

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. Preventative dentistry includes regular dental check-ups, a well-balanced diet and a good dental routine at home to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases and conditions.

Preventative care involves:
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Using a soft toothbrush with rounded bristles
  • Following a well-balanced diet
  • Low intake in sugar
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months
  • Floss at least once daily
  • Visiting the dentist every six months for a thorough examination and clean

Why is preventative dental care so important?

If patients only visit when they have a toothache, bleeding gums or symptoms of an oral health condition, it can sometimes already be too late to prevent permanent damage or a simple cure.

Most oral health problems can be preventable this is why it is so important for patients to see their dentist for regular check-up and cleans as the dentist can catch early stages of decay or infection spreading.

What does preventative dental care include?

1. Examination of the mouth

At each of your dental check-ups the dentist will do a thorough examination inside your mouth. During this examination the dentist will look into detail for:

  • any signs of dental cavities (tooth decay)
  • periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Check whether there are any issues with your bite or your temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Oral cancer – Dentist checks for unusual lumps

If needed Digital X-rays can also be taken to evaluate your oral health as well as detect early signs of decay or infection.

2. Dental Cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of Preventative care as it removes plaque build-up and calculus that a toothbrush just can’t do. It’s important that any dental plaque and stains are removed from your teeth to reduce the risk of problems occurring such as decay and gum disease.

How often should I be coming to the dentist?

Depending on the individual, we recommend you visit your dentist 6 or 12 months to have your routine dental check-up.

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How do I prevent gum disease?

By correctly brushing and flossing your teeth and regular professional scale and cleaning you can reduce your risk of gum disease. However, factors such as stress, smoking, diabetes, pregnancy, genetics and poor health can affect gum health. Dentists at Kedron Dental Centre will suggest a preventative care program to suit your individual and specific needs.

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