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Veneers | Educational Video
A short video to explain and educate you on veneers and their effectiveness as a treatment modality. Dr Tharani explains the reasons for considering veneers, who can get them and the process involved.
Tooth Whitening | Educational Video
A simply effective treatment option for gaining a brighter smile explained to you by Dr Tharani De Silva. She covers the two options available, what kind of stains it is most effective at removing and the process involved with each of the options.
Crowns | Educational Video
An educational video to explain the procedure of getting a dental crown. What are they? Why are they placed and the materials used to make a crown highly functional and aesthetic at the same time.
Mouth Guards | Educational Video
This video explains the benefits of getting a mouth guard professionally made by your dentist as opposed to an over-the-counter store bought one.
Root Canal Treatment | Educational Video
The thought of having to get a root canal treatment is stress inducing on anyone. Here, Dr Tharani De Silva gently explains the process and the benefits of the procedure.
Bridges | Educational Video
The informative video explains the steps involved when considering a bridge as a treatment option for a missing tooth.
Implants | Educational Video
This short video explains the process of getting an implant placed and restored for a missing tooth or teeth with emphasis on why it is fast becoming the gold standard of care.
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