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As dentists our aim is to save the natural teeth whenever possible.  However, there are situations which warrants removing a tooth for the health and comfort of our patients.  Following are situations where an extraction is more preferable or chosen:

  • Not enough tooth structure to restore for longevity
  • Vertical root fracture
  • Perio-Endo lesions  
  • Patient asks for an extraction as opposed to saving it
  • Fiscal reasons

At Kedron Dental Centre we offer oral surgery services to our patients from simple to complex extractions.  The dentist will have a consultation with you and advise the patient of all the possible options prior to removing the tooth, if any are applicable.  They will outline the process and will also offer detailed information brochures and a quote for the procedure.

Your comfort will be always checked before, during and after the treatment and expectations of healing and recovery will be detailed.  We routinely do a follow up call within 48 hours to check on your recovery and encourage you to call us at any time if there are concerns.

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We are committed to offering the highest quality dental care in a friendly, professional and relaxed atmosphere and our practice facilities and equipment enable you to receive the best treatment available.

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